Lesley Morrow

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  Lesley Morrow is an artist whose paintings are bold, raw and sensitive to the eye.  She expresses the feminine experience, the mystique,  through contemporary portraiture that has included both celebrity and iconic women.  Capturing not only the strength she sees in these women and their faces but also the chaos behind the façade, she has mastered this duality in her painting.  Through the body of her work you can see a roadmap, almost a narrative, of the pieces of her psyche in such a way as to find her own core strength.
She first focused on photography, attended The School of Visual Arts in New York City and City College of San Francisco, California.  After becoming a wife and mother of two children she took twenty five years off from her art.  
Lesley turned back to art and found her voice, painting.  Morrow now breathes her passion through acrylic, oil, airbrush and mixed media.  Her work is exhibited in local galleries and can also be found in public and private collections locally and internationally.