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The Main Gallery Exhibiting Room

Showing in the Main Gallery:

July 2019 - Themed Group Exhibit  Themes:"Canto" and/or "Mirrors and Reflections"  Mirrors and reflections are enormously important in art, and so common a theme, that you should keep an eye out for them: they will help explain the work's underlying meaning. The Greek root for Plato's word idea, eidos, literally means not just image or likeness but an image reflected in water or mirror.  Mirrors reflect light and thus reflect the world around us. Spiritually, light has symbolic attachment to illumination, awareness and wisdom. Therefore, in terms of spiritual symbolism, mirrors reflect truth. They reflect what is. 
Canto (Italian pronunciation: [ˈkanto]) is a principal form of division in medieval and modern long poetry. The word canto is derived from the Italian word for "song" or "singing", which comes from the Latin cantus, "song", from the infinitive verb canere, "to sing". The use of the canto was described in the 1911 edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica as " a convenient division when poetry was more usually sung by the minstrel to his own accompaniment than read". There is no specific format, construction or style for a canto and it is not limited to any one type of poetry. Create a canto in 2D or 3D for this exhibit.
Enter your best art using either or both themes, it is a juried exhibit.  Cost to enter - 3 pieces/$20.00, 2 pieces/$15.00 and 1 piece is $10.00  Download Prospectus
August 2019 - Patrick Conolly
September 2019 - Member Exhibit
October 2019 -
November 2019 - Bill Kramer
December 2019 - Daniel Venditti
January 2020 - Shah Hadjebi
February 2020 - Rick Plummer
March 2020 - Group Exhibit - Art Quilters Unlimited
April 2020 - Art Poems
May 2020 - Group Event - Curated by Pam Trent
June 2020 - Open
July 2020 - Themed Open Group Exhibit - theme to be announced
August 2020 - Terry Lynn Spry
September 2020 - Kristina Jackson
October 2020 - Shealee Dillinger
November 2020 - Patty Sole
December 2020 - Joe LeMay

Showing in the White Gallery:

June 2019 - Sam Frazier
July 2019 - Themed Group Exhibit
August 2019 - Open themed juried Exhibit - Alters, Shrines and Cabinets of Curiosities
September 2019 - Pam Trent
October 2019 - 52 Playing Cards and there Box - 40 local artists
November 2019 - Kim Kraft Beckler
December 2019 - Jeff and Dale Ocasio
January 2020 - Dedo and Pam Jones
February 2020 - Heron's Glen Group
March 2020 - Anna Fisher and Logan Goodmason
April 2020 - S.W. Florida Craft Guild
May 2020 - Open
June 2020 - Open
July 2020 - Themed Open Group Exhibit - theme to be announced
August 2020 - Jessi Dilich
September 2020 - Open
October 2020 - Sydney Roper
November 2020 - Donna Chase
December 2020 - Art League of Fort Myers
Sign up now - for the open months by emailing cgoode@actabuse.com your bio, art statement and 3 images of your best works.