Featured Exhibit for September 2018 at Arts for ACT Gallery

Arts for ACT Gallery Opening September 7, 2018

Main Gallery –  Katherine Boren - "Show 50/50"

Katherine Boren will be the featured artist in the main gallery at the Arts for ACT Gallery during the month of September with her exhibit entitled 50/50.  Boren’s show will feature both new work and older works.  To acknowledge her commitment to supporting the accessibility of original artwork to the community and in support of the important work of the Abuse Counseling and Treatment center, all works are offered at 50% off and 50% of the proceeds will go to ACT.

Boren’s artwork continues and expands her exploration of multiple mediums evoking various emotions, events, and places utilizing nonrepresentational techniques.  By focusing on using a predominantly monochromatic palette and utilizing a combination of nontraditional and found materials in unexpected ways, her new works emphasize the reflection of light, varying textures and shapes, and differing grades of color saturation, while addressing universal experiences, environments, and feelings in an intuitive manner.   She emphasizes the use of color, form, and texture to evoke emotional and psychological reactions to her art. 
The artist states that her most successful work utilizes a base hue and uses its shades, tones, and tints to encourage further exploration by the viewer.  Originally, from New York, Boren studied at New York University, and the New School; she graduated with an emphasis in sculpture from the State University of New York.  Her work is exhibited at numerous venues in solo, group, juried, and member shows.  This show is supported in part by an Arts and Culture Grant from the City of Fort Myers.  More information on Boren’s work can be found at www.katherineboren.com.

In the White Gallery – Adorable Monique

 Adorable Monique is an award-winning artist based in Southwest Florida, brought up abroad in Central America. She has received numerous awards and the opportunity to exhibit in various venues. Growing up surrounded by different cultures has broadened her overall view of life. She is continuously pursuing success in personal, professional, and artistic endeavors as well in the artistic experience itself. In her bold, vibrant palette, Monique’s work invites you to look for meaning beyond color. The themes are a recurring focus on identity and cultural heritage, tangible and not tangible.  Her art, intends to convey the core value of the spirit of nature, her inspiration through the beauty found in each context, and the appreciation of the noble values of life.

  ACT Gallery is also featuring new works by over 25 co-op artists. 

These exhibits continue through Monday, October 1, 2018.