Vic Delnor - Painter

Vic Delnore 

Encouraged by his artists mother, Vic Delnore took his initial art Training in composition and perspective in the Hague, The Netherlands, followed by instruction in story illustration, pen-and -ink graphics at RPI, figure drawing and calligraphy at MIT/Harvard and ODU, nd in water media under local Lee County (FL) and Tidewater (VA) artist/instructors.  He has also studied under Several nationally known watercolorists.  

He is a regular contributor of art to benefit relief organizations, veterans' groups, local hospitals, and other causes.

Holding a PHD in geophysics, Vic is retired from a career in the natural sciences.  He was a volunteer and exhibitor at the Riverview Gallery in Portsmouth, VA.

At present, he is a volunteer and exhibitor at the Arts for ACT Gallery in Fort Myers.