MiMi Stirn

MiMi Stirn                              
www.mimistirnart.com   mimiji@embarqmail.com

MiMi Stirn’s art is pure symbolism and surrealism embodied in 2D mixed media resins.  Influences of Klimt, Dali, and O’Keefe are apparent in both message and stylings.  Works include sculpted modeling paste, hand-mixed acrylics.  She proceeds to mix elements, layers of staining, finished with colored and clear 
coated resins. Her signature mark on all her works includes a key, symbolic of her mantra, “Unlocking the beauty of life through art.”

Stirn holds her business and arts degree from the University of Phoenix.  She is a Certified Marketing Strategist with Cornell University. Stirn enjoys cooking, especially French and India cuisines, paddle boarding and playing guitar with her husband Michael.  She spends ample time playing with her peek-a poo 
“Mardi”, the art dog and studio muse.