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Member Artists:
Vic Delnore - Painter
David Belling - Water Media Specialist
Kim Kraft-Beckler Acrylic, Furniture and Gourd Artist
Dr. Kyra Belán, BFA, MFA, Ed.D - Fine Art Painter
Michelle Rothacker - Mixed Media Artist
Susan Mills - Recycled & Restyled Art
Kate O'Connell - Photography & Mixed Media
Michael Pohlman - Painter
Marie Cahill - Acrylic Art Painter
Becky Sandbek - Jewelry and Mixed Media Assemblage
Lynne Van Sciver - Acrylic Painter
Cavan Guenther - Painter & Jewelry Maker
Claudia - Mixed Media, Collage, Assemblage and Gallery Curator
Inga Risk - Textiles, Mixed Media, Painting and more...
KiKi Brewsaugh - Mixed Media
Tom Breckenridge - Acrylic Painter
Alex Wilkenson - Zen Doodle with a Twist
Leslie Morrow - Portrait Painter
Mimi Stirn - Mixed Media Resin Artist
Gary Olson - Painter
Roger Deering - Landscape Oil Painter
Barbara Gage Mulford - Fine Art Artist
Barbara Gage Mulford - Painter and Art Teacher
Annette Brown - Abstract Artist
Cheryl Hucke - Photography and acrylics
Bill Kramer - Abstracts
Shah Hadjebi - Watercolorist