David Belling

David Belling

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Nostalgic, Bold, Realistic.

David Belling’s watercolor style captures the timeless beauty and spirit of settings, places and things–especially pieces of living history. His subjects’ character and charm give us a glimpse of the untold stories locked inside each of them, as if eager to be told again.

The Fort Myers News-Press says, “He is one with his subjects… arguably the region’s best known landscape painter.” It’s been said that his structures lean from the paper, yearning to tell their tales. The various landmarks Belling has put into limited edition prints have already been altered by time, storms or man.

“When I see something that retains a link with the past, I’m drawn to it. My aim is to open the viewer’s eye to history that is still in use in some fashion, and stir
memories,” ~ David Belling