Bill Kramer

I started painting seriously in 2003. I will be 75 in November 2017.  After 35 years away from Ft. Myers, my partner and I have moved back and we couldn't be happier. I have no formal art-school training, but love the adventure of mixing paint and other materials to create a harmonious flow of energy. I enjoy the color red and you will find it in most of my work. I use circles in almost every painting. To me the circle represents completion. I do not sign my work on the front. This allows the work to be hung and viewed from all sides. You get to choose how you would like to view the painting.  All my work is signed on the back. A letter of authenticity is available upon request. Each of my works is an original. I do not allow copies of my work to be made.

  Artist Statement
Circles are a prominent theme in my work.  A circle is a sign of "completion" it has no beginning and no end.  My work is bold, filled with energy, color, and texture, created to be touched.  It is all about "Energy."

I believe my art comes from the universe and I am but a conduit.  While meditating a color or image will come to me and this will be the spark that takes me to the canvas.  The painting is a representation of That image or color.

I often leave my pieces unsigned on the front so that when purchased, they may be hun at the owners discretion with regard to position.

I know that the right person is brought forward for each piece I create and sell.

~ Bill Kramer